“The MOTÝL Chamber Ensemble is to be commended for its dedication in promoting awareness of music written in Terezín, as well as related works. The group's director, Aleeza Wadler, and her colleagues, are all excellent musicians. Their artistic and intelligent programming, together with strong and convincing performances, enable their audiences to experience a broad spectrum of genres and styles. This allows for a mix of concert pieces, Jewish works and Lieder as well as salon pieces and cabaret songs. More power to each of the young artists and their group effort!”

- David Bloch, Director of the Terezín Music Memorial Project and Professor of Musicology at Tel Aviv University


“Seeing and listening to the six young talented women perform music from the concentration camps sent chills up my spine. By bringing their music to life with such musicality and sensitivity, they honor the composers who perished in the Nazi concentration camps in the best way possible. The combinations of trios, solos, and quartets with intermittent explanations of the historic backgrounds of the compositions as well as a backdrop slide show kept me mesmerized throughout. I left with the feeling of joy and optimism knowing that the works of these lost composers will live on in the hands of such accomplished, talented, and spirited musicians.”

-Alice Artzt, Professor at Queens College


“There is no greater way to honor the memory of these composers and musicians than to play the music they wrote and the music they performed. The Nazis sought to obliterate not only the Jews, but Jewish culture as well, MOTÝL programs continue to defy that futile effort. It recalls the well known verse in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel ‘and breathe into these slain, that they may live again.’”

-Rabbi Joseph Topek, Director of Stony Brook Hillel


“…There is no doubt that in Motýl the Terezín composers have found devoted, eloquent champions … and the performances, carefully researched and prepared, radiated a sense of deep commitment and identification; these young musicians act as true mediators who seek no glory for themselves.”

-The New York Concert Review


“The performance was absolutely beautiful and done with such dignity.”

-Zuzana Justman, Film documentarist and survivor of Terezín


"Fantastic!! Great selection of music with excellent description before each piece. I was moved to tears listening to the Mendellsohn with the power point in the background."

-Drew University Conference Attendee


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